This section on “COOKIES” is intended to provide more information on the origin and use of navigation information processed when you consult our Website and on the rights of users.

When you visit the OFFICIAL SECRET website, information regarding navigation is likely to be saved in “Cookie” files installed on the user's device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

OFFICIAL SECRET issues these cookies to make it easier for the user to navigate the website. They may also be issued by brand partners to personalize the advertising which is sent outside the website.

Cookies may be included in various parts of the website. These spaces can display advertising content issued by advertisers on the user's device.

Only the issuer of a cookie has the potential to read or modify the information contained on it.

Reading or placing some cookies may require the user's prior consent. In this case, the user, after having been duly informed via a banner reserved for cookies and information on these general terms and conditions of sale, indicates his or her consent by continuing their visit to the Website.

Cookies have a limited lifespan of 13 months after they are first placed on the user's terminal equipment.

Cookies issued by OFFICIAL SECRET

The cookies that OFFICIAL SECRET installs on the user's device, allowing it to recognize the browser used to connect to the Website:

OFFICIAL SECRET issues cookies for the following purposes:

  • To establish traffic statistics (number of visits, pages viewed, shopping cart abandonment, etc.) to track and improve the quality of its services:
  • Adapt the presentation of the Website to the display preferences of the device:
  • Memorize information input in forms, manage and secure access to reserved and personal spaces such as the customer's account and basket:
  • Provide the user with content, including advertising, in connection with their interests as well as personalizing offers.

Third-Party Cookies

When users access the OFFICIAL SECRET Website, one or more cookies from partner companies (third-party cookies) are likely to be placed on their computer from pages on our Website or via content distributed in advertising spaces.

Cookies placed on the OFFICIAL SECRET Site is to promote their businesses and offers are for the purpose of:

Identifying the products viewed or purchased from the Website in order to personalize the advertising offer displayed:

To display, if the user authorized this when registering with these providers, offers from the brand by email.

The cookies in the Website's advertising spaces are there for the purpose of generating ad distribution statistics (number of displays, ads displayed, number of users who clicked on each ad, .).

Cookies issued and used by third parties are subject to the privacy policies of these third parties. OFFICIAL SECRET does not have any access or control over third-party cookies and acts as a subcontractor within the meaning of Article 25 of the Data Protection Act. However, OFFICIAL SECRET ensures that partner companies process information collected on the Website exclusively for OFFICIAL SECRET needs and in compliance with the “Data Protection” law.

The user can refuse third-party cookies with the appropriate browser setting.

User Choices concerning Cookies

Users can manage cookies in several different ways. Any configuration has the potential to change their navigation experience on the Internet and the access conditions for some services require that Cookies be installed.

The user can configure their browser such that cookies are saved on their device or, alternatively, that they are rejected, possibly automatically, or according to their issuer.

The user can also configure his or her browser so that they will be offered a chance to accept or refuse cookies from time to time, before they are likely to have been stored on their device.

Configuration Settings on Common Browsers:

The user may, at any time, decide to block or deactivate these cookies by configuring the internet browser on their computer, tablet, or mobile phone, in accordance with the instructions prepared by their internet browser provider and which appear on the websites listed below.

On Mozilla Firefox:

Open the “Tools” menu, then select “Options”; click on the “Privacy & Security” tab, then choose the desired options or follow this link:

On Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Open the “Tools” menu, then select “Internet options”; click on the “Privacy” tab, then “Advanced” and choose the level desired or click on the following link Safari:

Select “Safari > Preferences” then click on “Security”; In the “Accept cookies” section, select the desired options or click on this link: safari

On Google Chrome:

Open the configuration menu (wrench logo), then select “Options”; click on “Advanced options” then in the “Privacy and security” section, click on “Content settings,” and choose the desired options or click on the following link:

On iOs:

The user can also type “cookies” in the “help” section of their browser to access the configuration instructions.

OFFICIAL SECRET is not, under any circumstances, liable for the content or operation of any social network, including those which may be linked to the Website.



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